Uncovered and Covered Storage Solutions

How often do you take out your boat?

Think about how much time your boat is actually not in use, taking up valuable space in your driveway, yard or garage. Finding secure storage for boats can be difficult and the solution often inconveniencing but at Bay and Basin Storage we make it very easy for you to securely store your boat. Located on the South Coast of NSW and one turn off the Princes Highway, we are only minutes away from St Georges Basin, Sussex Inlet and Jervis Bay boat ramps. 

Store for any length of time

Uncovered sites available

Limited covered sites available

Boat must be on trailer

Facilities to clean boat and flush motor available

Preparing your Boat for Storage


Choosing Bay and Basin Storage for your Boat and Trailer will give you the peace of mind that your vessel is in a secure and safe place. Preparing your vessel correctly for storage will help to reduce the risk of any surprises when you wish to use it again.

Some valuable tips:


  • Flush the engine with our complimentary fresh water 
  • If you have a battery, you may wish to purchase a small solar charger and disconnect the battery.
  • Release bungs to ensure any water can escape 
  • Remove ALL foodstuffs, bait etc.
  • Secure all loose items and secure Bimini’s etc.
  • Place anything that can mould (books, clothes favourite hats etc) inside sealed bags.
  • Remove batteries from all personal electrical items. 
  • Fill fuel tanks as much as possible to reduce condensation.
  • Lastly, always check that your insurance is up to date and valid at all times wherever it is stored.